Records by Witcyst

Artist info:

Michael Veet - potato farmer and "collagist of discarded rubbish as much as creator of more of the same....." one of the few REAL outsider geniuses of our time. Here's an extract from a review of multiple Witcyst titles by Seymor Glass in Bananafish 15:

"Few possess the abilities to warrant releasing quadruple-CDs (yet it's a pity the incidence of vanity is inversely proportional); if anyone could get away with it at several-week intervals without adding an iota of distress to the world's reserves, it would be Witcyst. Hype? Bite Me. What these New Zealanders can do with a synthesizer and a few samples of balloon noise is enough to base a new civilization on, where intermission and curtain calls do not exist, where perpetual are the floor shows in which refuse and discarded leftovers combine into new, entropy-flummoxing worm-kings, where dependable sunspot fountains lick our faces when we sleep."