Records by Reynols

Artist info:

REYNOLS started its activities in 1993 in Argentina. Since that date the work of the band has been basically oriented to improvisation, droning and deep experimental research, etc.,employing diverse acoustic & electric instruments, tapes and electronics.The group is lead by Miguel Tomasín, an amazing musician who suffers from Down´s Syndrome.The fact that Reynols integrates a handicapped member is not casual, actually the band´s forrays into musical experimentation are guided by the inmense freedom of Tomasín´s mind, giving a challenging and unique character to this project.The line-up is completed with musicians Robeto Conlazo & Anla Courtis. During the years the band´s activities has included: concerts for plants, tributes to dry ice, psychic energy refractions with toothbrushes, noise performances in public squares, etc. Reynols disbanded in 2004.