"I Will Pass By Here"
By 1/3 Octave Band

Format: CD
Released: 2008

Finally "I Will Pass By Here" sees the light of day - this album completes an imagined ’trilogy’ of 1/3 Octave Band CD’s on Humbug following "Sublumina" (2006) and "Icarus" (2007), and might just be their most definitive statement yet.

"Deep space gloomp and wind-tortured drone-silence from the duo of Bill Wood and Jules Desmond. Huge lungs of void cut up with diamonds of percussion and lone metal tone in classic globe-gobbling style."

Aided by the Octavers’ first all-digital recording (in the wake of gradual decline of Wood’s analogue gear during recording sessions for "Icarus") and a superb mastering job, "I Will Pass By Here" draws out the minutiae of their playing with great patience & purpose, as the album progresses in an almost subliminal trajectory from the wispy and brittle introduction, to the leaden bass gushes and overbearing sense of miasmic burnt-out closure toward the ending. Inspired! One of our favourite releases we’ve put out so far. Digipack, edition of 500.

"Bill Wood's 1/3 Octave Band trade in expansive dronescapes that either slowly mutate at low level, or build and recede in a manner that suggests the epiphanic. "Stray Light" fades in and out of earshot, and when it finally wells up and states its case, it's a major event. In comparison, the title track accretes tiny details at a meandering pace. The latter is the album's centrepiece, and its slow collation of sonic material is highly evocative: Wood and companion Jules Desmond set up loops of unknown provenance before letting whistling, windy drones tangle around each other. Even the peals of feedback that quietly gust from their instruments are rendered majestic, thanks to a liberal dousing in reverb." - Jon Dale, The Wire