Records by Polio

Artist info:

Polio is Peter Wright re-working his solo recordings digitally. Here's an excerpt from an interview in Blastitude 11 in which Mr. Wright discusses the Polio method vs. his solo stuff:

"The main difference between "polio" & "Peter Wright" is the method used to construct the music. Polio is strictly digital music, the 'solo' project is based around electro-acoustic instruments, particularly the guitar. There's certainly a similar purpose to both projects, which is that of exploratory drone soundscapes & polio uses the same source material as PW, so I suppose it's all in the processing! A couple of my earlier CDs were constructed on the computer (Syncopate & Radioplay) & this led me to separate the two methods of recording into different specific projects. I usually concentrate on the PW stuff first & then digitally manipulate the 'outtakes' to construct polio music. Call it recycled composition I guess. With polio I also intend to have guests perform with me, so it won't strictly always be the solo effort it has been so far."

The last few years has seen a host of new Peter Wright albums; the Polio project remains inactive since the release of "Concrete" (2003). "Concrete" was the last release of a Polio 'trilogy' which also included "Gemini" (2001) and "Soyuz" (2002), both released in very small editions on Peter's own Apoplexy label.