New Releases!

ELEKTRONAVN "Quantum Vacuum" and ANDRE BORGEN "Staying Old"

ELEKTRONAVN "Quantum Vacuum"

New long-awaited release by Danish gentleman Magnus Olsen Majmon's ELEKTRONAVN. It is called "Quantum Vacuum", and like its predecessor "Cosmic Continuum" on the Finnish Ikuiisus label, sees Magnus plunge headfirst into some seriously disorienting and achingly beautiful, slug-like tonefloat. Very nice... Magnus has a unique approach which applies a human depth as well as a metaphysical longing for the outer 'dark'. His compositions gently flutter across a broad canvas on which he smears anything from fragile invocations for gently plucked guitar and bamboo flute, incidental environmental sounds, to awkward tape-work and stately kitchen-sink ragas.

ANDRE BORGEN "Staying Old"

Delightful album that embodies the notion of "D.I.Y." and self-taught musicianship in the best possible way, the great thing about this debut album is that it's seductive & elegant rather than subversive & angry (as is often implied with the "D.I.Y." tag). But, who is Mr. Borgen anyway? Why, he is a relatively quiet Norwegian who happens to play a guitar. Well well (nuff said). We honestly think this is one of this years best records, period. Maybe it's just's definitely the most, um, accessible record we have ever released on Humbug - almost pop music. Maybe a new direction for us? Some heady guitar noise in there too. Don't worry. One reviewer says "the first one notices is the guitar work which guides the thoughts toward a creative Syd Barrett with strong vibrations toward a hushed Sonic Youth and a touch of Tuxedomoon here and there". Borgen himself said "Dreamy pop, acidfolky and rocky mac daddy flower flow". I'll second that!