Records by Murmansk

Artist info:

Murmansk grew out of an improvisation workshop hosted by Eddie Prevost of the legendary AMM in late 2001. Ever since, Murmansk have met semi-regularly to record or play in churches, theatres, galleries, clubs and even pubs around Ireland.

Murmansk music frequently centers around the development of an atmosphere, each performance an collective open-ended journey that integrate many diverse sound elements (dissonant strings, woodwinds, numerous percussive instruments and found objects, environmental sound and background frequencies/noises). While still a 'musical' proposition, Murmansk lean heavily toward the AMM 'style' of improv - an focused exloration of variations in timbre, texture and 'gestural' playing.

Their most recent release is the S/t ("too inscrutable for a title") CDR on their own Deserted Village label from 2004; Murmansk seem to be at a low level currently, but the members are keeping busy with other bands - notably the amazing United Bible Studies.