Records by Crank Sturgeon

Artist info:

"Crank Sturgeon? A babbling what-does-it-mean portable fish-costumed bacchanal. Imagine if you will, something of a man-fish, bashing about with spiels and mantras and stories of nonsequitur while joyfully defiling himself or his homemade noise instruments. Performance art complete with alchemy, dada trickery, irreverence, and heaps of unwieldly volume. A Sturgeon man, not your average new millenium man, working the autonomous free zone of improvisational performance, with sound, visuals, lectures, and commotion. Glib tongued, tugging the tape out of cassette players, violently bowing any substance that will submit to vibration, screaming circle breaths through snorkel tubes or deer calls, and hammering away at consumer electronic fuzz. Always in some capacity inciting the audience to join in, breaking down that nonsense barrier between performer and viewer. His nibs Crank Sturgeon is something of a bipolar purgative: a noise collage creature let loose in the airwaves... or right there in front of you."