Records by Avarus

Artist info:

Avarus was formed in Tampere, Finland in 2001 by members of bands The Anaksimandros and Pylon. The group has gotten larger and looser (including folks from Kiila, Munuaissymposium 1960 and Kemialliset Ystavet), but the spirit is still the same. There are about 10 core members in Avarus in three different cities, and the number of occasional members is 10-20. But it's not at all important to know who's playing and when. It's about a collective sound, a play or a game. Avarus's sound is primitive, child-like, joyous and free. (info from

"Using a muse found deep in the woods this collective base their sound on fumbling lurches of folk-rock drug groove, interspersed with weevilly keyboard stuff and quite extraordinary, persistent yowling." - The Wire