Records by Noise-Maker's Fifes

Artist info:

Noise-Maker's Fifes were a collective of sound artists and instrument inventors, founded in 1990. During its 16 years of evolution the formation became more and more multidisciplinary.

NMF collaborated with a variety of artists (Present, Daniel Denis (of Univers Zero), Ralf Wehowsky (RWL, P16D4), Morphogenesis, Luc van Lieshout (of Tuxedomoon, Flat Earth Society) a.o.).

Over the years the basic line up revolved around Geert Feytons (R.I.P.), assisted by core members: Timo van Luyk, Eric Faes, Greg Jacobs, Marc Wroblewski, and assisted by specially invited guests/performers (Vilbjorg Broch, Stella Spitaleri, Bryan Seating a.o.)

During the first years, live improvisations formed the main activity of the group (documented on their first CD "Soundscapes of the Inner Eye" (NMT) containing recordings from the '92'93 period).

The Noise-Maker's Fifes discography contains about 20 titles (full-length CD's and limited 7" & 10" editions). The first CD's were released on their own NMT Productions label, the later by independent labels like like Obuh, Twin Tub And Beaver, Drone, Beta-Lactam Ring, a.o.

Their live performance developed increasingly toward a more complex audio-visual expression and saw them incorporating disciplines like dance, video, performance arts and installations.

Aside from own projects, NMF were often commissioned for creating music for Choreographies. From '97 till 2003 they composed 12 soundtracks for Thierry Smits' Compagnie Thor, e.g. “Cyberchrist”, “Soirée Dansante”, “Corps(e)”, "Pin-up" and “Red Rubber Balls”; some of this music were also released as CD albums.

The departure point of their music, often made on self-made sound sculptures, remained improvisation throughout their career; though in the last performances, it resulted in more concrete compositions; always of great depth and with a surreal undercurrent. The Noise-Maker's Fifes were unique and Geert Feytons will be greatly missed.